-=The Main Hall=-

Welcome to the Palace of the Sun, the home of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart. I am Lady Solar, temporary hostess for the Palace.

11.23.2007 - Okay, so there was a long absence. It's been a bad summer and a bad fall - but we're back on track! Chapter three is being completely re-worked but to tide you over, there's new art in the Group Artwork section, Omake section, SunHeart's section, Commander Pyrite's section, and Commander Krisite's section. There is also a new section, the Historical Archives, which contains images restored from the past. Shortly - in the next few days - I'll be adding some guest arts!

05.11.2007 I deeply, completely apologize for the lack of either updates or any word as to why they had stopped. I want to reassure anyone who stumbles here that the Palace of the Sun is not forgotten, nor will it remain inactive forever. Chapter three is currently being worked on (as I write this, even) and the Palace illustrator has been working diligently as well. In addition to this, many new artworks will be added to the Guest Gallery shortly, so I hope you will come and see the new artwork that is being hung!

Please check with the Reception Room and the Palace's pages to see what has happened and been updated in the entire history of the Palace of the Sun.

Enjoy your stay, dear guest. If you have any questions, please make sure the Guide doesn't provide an answer before contacting me with your questions. A reminder to you that when you contact me, remember to remove "NOSPAM" before sending your query, otherwise I will not get it.

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