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Omake #1: Hair Makes (or breaks) the Villians

Poor Commander Topaz, it looks like the Sailor Senshi don't consider her a serious threat because of...her hair... She'll never live it down if the other Commanders hear about this idea from Mercury.

Omake #2: Happy Hallowe'en from the Dark Kingdom

With Queen Tanzanite just a little less-sane than they'd like, the Commanders get sent to Earth to run a FunHouse on Hallowe'en. They really don't think the senshi will fall for their 'clever' sign...

Omake #3: Holiday Greetings from the Dark Kingdom

The Commanders are many things - knowledgable about human holidays certainly isn't one of them. Topaz really is trying to do her best to capture the holiday spirit...

Omake #4: The Lolita Series [Topaz/Tora | Pyrite/Kyo | Tanzanite, Kyo, and Shouka ]
*all are new*
What happens when the creator decides to listen to the muse on her shoulder and put the Dark Kingdom cast in lolita garb? Why - this! And because Queen Tanzanite was left out, the great Queen finds herself in a school fuku. *Shouka/Krisite will come soon!*

Omake #5: Juuban Bookstore Tries a New Advert Method
After the latest attack on the bookstore, Cassie decides they need to bring customers back into the store and Tora lost the toss on who was going to be stuck wearing the Sailor Moon costume. Poor Commander - her cohorts will never let her live this down!

Omake #6: Sailor Sol & Sailor SunHeart
*new* [colored - *new*]
One of the first visiting senshi, Sailor SunHeart finds it amusing that a fellow senshi of the sun is wearing, of all things, a skirt. She's a smart senshi - she's got pants.


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