-=The Palace Gardens=-

Please, feel free to wander about the gardens - pardon the groundskeeper if you run across him, his orange trees are wilting unexpectedly.

We will be providing portal graphics to allow you to link to our Palace, and we also invite anyone who wishes us to create a portal to their home to please contact the coordinator with you address and any graphic you might wish us to use. To create a portal to our Palace, simply save the image you desire to use to your own server and then link to our main site.

Graphics to use to link to the Palace of the Sun

Guest-made Banners

Portals from our Palace
The Triad Senshi - Sister site! Ree's new otaku senshi project, the Triad Senshi
The Temple of the Five - Sister site! The home of BSSM: Apocalypse
Celestial Souls - Kodomo/Callisto's alternate world otaku senshi site
Elemental Spirits - an original Sailor Moon story *NEW*
Earthia: The Knights of Gaea - an original magical girl story *NEW*
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Shadows - the home of the Shadow & Elemental senshi *NEW*

Incyanity - Shai's personal site, the home of many of her fantastic projects

Sister Site Banners

-Have a banner? Send it to the coordinator; contact the coordinator to be listed-