-=The Reception Room=-

In the recent news of the most Honorable and Brilliant Palace of the Sun, we proudly announce that our doors are open to our citizens. All visitors be they from the Sun (which is a bit hard since it's so hot), the Moon (but I heard they got destroyed, is that right?), and the Earth are welcome. Please leave all weapons at the door with the Palace Guards - they'll give them back to you when you're ready to leave. Visitors are also encouraged to leave any comments concerning the Palace in the Palace's Guestbook.

Lady Solar, the current castlelain, wishes me to impart the following information to you, our most Honored visitor.

11.23.2007 - Okay, so there was a long absence. It's been a bad summer and a bad fall - but we're back on track! Chapter three is being completely re-worked but to tide you over, there's new art in the Group Artwork section, Omake section, SunHeart's section, Commander Pyrite's section, and Commander Krisite's section. There is also a new section, the Historical Archives, which contains images restored from the past. Shortly - in the next few days - I'll be adding some guest arts!

05.11.2007 I deeply, completely apologize for the lack of either updates or any word as to why they had stopped. I want to reassure anyone who stumbles here that the Palace of the Sun is not forgotten, nor will it remain inactive forever. Chapter three is currently being worked on (as I write this, even) and the Palace illustrator has been working diligently as well. In addition to this, many new artworks will be added to the Guest Gallery shortly, so I hope you will come and see the new artwork that is being hung!

12.13.2006 With great pride, I can now announce that the section chapter of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart, Pieces in Play, is available for your reading pleasure. We beg your pardon on the long delay, but hope that you will enjoy yourself!

12.06.2006 Our Court Artist apologises for such a long period of time without any new updates - she explains that school is winding towards a break, so that things are a bit hectic for her at the moment. We are proud to announce that the Guest Gallery of Art has been updated with two new portraits, one of Queen Tanzanite and the first of Krisite. In addition to this wonderful news, the Palace galleries have updated with completed portraits of Queen Tanzanite, Pyrite, Beryllium, and Garnet. We are hoping to soon have the second chapter of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart done, as well.

11.17.2006 I cannot be more pleased than to announce that the first chapter of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart, A New Evil? A Mysterious Senshi Appears!, is available to be read in the Sun Library! In addition to this, there is a new image of Koujou Tsuka and a group picture of the Commanders and General Jedite in human form located in the brand-new Palace Group Portrait Gallery under the 'civilian' section. In addition to group images, the Group Portraits section is where we plan to expand and house scene illustrations by our Palace artist, so look for future scenes to be hung there as well. In addition, we are plased to announce that there is a new Guest Artwork hanging of Commander Topaz, drawn by the lovely Wildnature03.

11.08.2006 Slowly the Palace is moving to a single update every week, as the larger sections of the website have begun to flesh out. We will aim for an update on 11.10.2006, as that is the birthday of our resident artist and she promises to have something special to commemorate more than a month of working with the Palace. In the mean time, we urge you to read the new sections added to entries in the Hall of Information, a colored Hair Omake, and a sneak peak at the future appearance of the Commanders - Pyrite's civilian form.

11.01.2006 A thousand pardons begged for such a long time without an update, but my dog got seriously injured on the 26th of October and I've been busy taking care of her. I am so sorry that I can't be able to reveal the first chapter yet, or have much in the way of an update, but I am getting back on my feet just as much as my dog is. I can proudly announce that we have a new Hallowe'en Omake (a day late to our Palace...) in the Court's Gallery of Omakes, as well as a new portrait hung of Commander Beryllium in the Palace Gallery of Art.

10.25.2006 A brand new wing of the Hall of Portraits has opened, the Court's Gallery of Omakes. Hanging is the very first omake, featuring Sailors Mercury and Moon along with Commander Topaz. We are also pleased to announce that Commander Pyrite portrait has been hung, as well as a new Guest artwork of Topaz. Also, we can proudly announce that the first chapter of BSSM: Sailor SunHeart will be added to the Library on Friday, the 27th of October. And also, a new sister site portal has been added to the Gardens!

10.23.2006 It was a surprise to find that even more guest art has been framed and is now proudly hanging in the Guest Gallery of Art. Two new artworks of Commander Topaz have been hung, as well as a new art of Sailor SunHeart. Sadly, the larger update we had planned for today has had to be put on hold for the moment, but should be released by Friday, at the very latest. A future opening, which should be unveiled on Wednesday of this week, is a small gallery of so-called 'omake' arts, mini cartoons by the Court Artist featuring the people living here, at the Palace, as well as others from around the universe.

10.22.2006 - So many apologies for the delay, dear visitors, but here is the next update. (This won't take place of tomorrow's update, either) We have two lovely new pieces of artwork in the Guest Artworks Gallery, this time of Commander Topaz and Queen Tanzanite! In addition, we have some wonderful guest-made banners you can use at your website, to link to us (made by Venus - thank you!) and some locations for you to go when when you reach the Gardens!

10.18.2006 Fantastic news! The first of our Guest Artworks have been hung, two wonderful sketches by Erin-hime and Mintjam. Please check out the Guest Gallery of Art to see them! And on the Palace Gallery, both Krisite and Queen Tanzanite now have artwork in their galleries.

10.16.2006 - On this day we are proud to announce the unveiling of two new tomes in the Sun Library, a short tome concerning the Sol Senshi since their final battle against Galaxia and a tome with information about the Dark Kingdom's survival. Also unveiled have been profiles for the known members of the Dark Kingdom - Jedite, Pyrite, Garnet, Topaz, Beryllium, Krisite, and Queen Tanzanite.

10.14.2006 - On this day, we are pleased to release the profile of Sailor SunHeart at the Hall of Information. In addition, a completed fuku design sheet has been added to the Hall of Portraits for Sailor SunHeart.

10.08.2006 - On this day, we are happy to announce that we have already begun to add many new things to the Palace. The Palace Gallery of Portraits has one image of Sailor SunHeart on display, as well as one for Commander Topaz. In addition to these artworks, the Library has announced the release of the Prologue for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart for public viewing.

10.07.2006 - On the Seventh Day of the Earth Month October, the Sun Palace has officially opened her doors to the world. Although many of the wings are in a very basic state of readiness, we stand by to guide you through the Palace. New visitors to the Palace of the Sun are encouraged to see Lady Solar, in order for her to show them the Guide to Navigating the Palace which she has assembled.