-=The Hall of Portraits=-

Welcome to the Hall of Portraits, the home of all of the Sun Palace's varied art collection.

The Palace Gallery of Portraits is the permenant home of works done by our Court artist, Jateshi. Rooms of this hall house art of individual people - Sailor SunHeart, Sailor Moon, and even artworks of some of the Generals of the Dark Kingdom.

The Guest Gallery of Portraits is the home of the most important part of our collection; the Guest Gallery will be the shrine for artworks given to the Palace, created by artists far and wide.

The Court's Gallery of Omakes is the home for the more unusual artworks we have collected. Some of them are short comics, some of them are mockeries of quips made either by Sailor Senshi of members of the Dark Kingdom. The unusual side of our universe will be found in here.

The Historical Archives is the newest section to join the Hall of Portraits and is our pride and joy. Through careful research and work we have been able to uncover images from the distant past and though we have no details of who, exactly these people were, we are certain that they played a major part in the history of the Sun Kingdom. What little information we have will soon be joining the Library's Hall of Information.

With that information in hand choose your destination, traveller.

Palace Gallery of Portraits
Guest Gallery of Portraits
The Court's Gallery of Omakes
The Historical Archives