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Name: Krisite
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Unknown
Rank: Commander, 2nd class
Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
Current Loyalties: Dark Kingdom, Oathbound to serve Queen Metallia above all else.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Dark teal, one long bang of lighter teal tucked behind her left ear. Short bangs brush her forehead, the rest of her hair pulled aside in a mixture of two rolls held at the back of her head with the remainder falling freely down her back, brushing a few inches past her shoulders.
Build: Muscular but deceptively filled with womanly curves, Krisite is one of the more femininely shaped Commanders. Graceful in her motions, Krisite carries herself with a soft manner to accentuate the inaccurate impression of kindness and understanding.
Magic Type: More reflective of her true nature, Krisite is a skilled manipulator of water in all forms, although she is best with fluid water and ice.
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Name: Shouka Myou (surname 'Myou') - she goes by the nickname of 'Shou' though.
Occupation: Vocal student and performing artist, freelancing with vocal lessons to cover the cost of taking classes at Azabu Tech.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Light green, looking more like aqua thanks to her blue hair color.
Hair: Light blue hair reaching to her lower back and put into a low ponytail, the small silver clasp holding her hair together not at the base of her neck but instead between her shoulder blades. Bangs fall forward from a centered part, reaching the tops of her eyes, two long tendrils of bangs delicately tucked behind her ears.
Build: Ephemeral sums up Shouka's appearance - almost a perfect dancer's body in terms of willowy and long arms and legs, a very long torso and graceful neck. Long, delicately-boned hands move with the precision of a ballerina.
Typical Dress: A mock Empire-styled over dress (just the bodice and part of the skirt, cut away halfway between her ankles and knees) with puffed sleeves that, after the cap, turn into flowy bell sleeves with their hem an inch or two past her elbow with a skin-tight under sleeve revealed under that which goes down to her wrist. Under the over-dress she wears tailored leggings and low-heeled pumps.
Common Accessories: A corsage of fake flowers around her right wrist, a silver clasp holding her hair back (the clasp is silver with an inset blue stone), and a small handbag.
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Because of her almost regal bearing, many in the Dark Kingdom theorize that Krisite was a former member of some Kingdom's royal family, possibly exiled for crime or treason. Like most renegades who willingly joined the Dark Kingdom, Krisite merely asserts that her loyalties lie with the Dark Kingdom and it alone.

Joining the Dark Kingdom shortly after the destruction of the Sun Kingdom, Krisite slowly rose through the military ranks before she earned the prestigious rank of Commander in the Black Ranks. With her skills in ice and water, she often found herself paired with another Commander, Pyrite, due to their opposite talents in magic, the two finding that they could pair off to thwart many attempts by foreign forces merely by working off of each other's residue attacks.

When the military was reorganized by Queen Beryl, shortly before the attack on the Earth and Moon, Krisite was placed 2nd class Commander, alongside Tanzanite (skilled in lightening). In addition to being good friends (or as close as the Commanders ever allow each other) with Pyrite, she is also friends with Commander Topaz and Commander Garnet.
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