-=The Palace Gallery of Portraits=-

As our Court artist is working hard, we will often have multiple versions of images posted - in the galleries you may find concept artwork, as our Court artist works to capture the person properly, lineart, as our artist is in the middle of finishing something but still wishes to show the artwork, or completed pictures. In the case of unfinished artwork, some of it may be replaced, at a later date, with the completed artwork.

Senshi and Villians
Group Pictures *new art 11.23.07*

Sailor Senshi
Sailor SunHeart *new art 11.23.07*

Dark Kingdom
Commander Topaz
Commander Garnet
Commander Beryllium
Commander Krisite *new art 11.23.07*
Commander Pyrite *new art 11.23.07*
Queen Tanzanite

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