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Name: Beryllium
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Unknown
Rank: Commander, 4th class
Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
Current Loyalties: Dark Kingdom, Oathbound to serve Queen Metallia above all else.

Sex: Male
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black and short-cropped and spiked around his face, with a long, thin tail of braided hair falling down his back, nearly reaching his waist. His hair highlights to a purplish blue when the sun strikes it.
Build: Lean and lanky, he almost appears to be a gangly man still in the middle of a growth spurt; long fingers accentuate the appearance of 'not quite finished yet' on top of his long limbs.
Magic Type: Wind and weather. Although quite powerful, Beryllium acknowledges he can sometimes have fluctuating control over his magic, the sole reason he is not a higher class of Commander in the Black Ranks.
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Name: Jared Sanson (surname 'Sanson')
Occupation: Ocean biologist, temporarily lecturing at Azabu Tech on part of a rotational series

Sex: Male
Eyes: Light purple
Hair: Sandy-blond, raggedly cut and spiky around his face, pulled into a very short rat's tail at the base of his neck.
Build: Incredibly lean, he more often is mistaken for a student at Azabu Tech than a visiting professor. With no more of physical development than a lanky teenager, he seems to be all arms and legs.
Typical Dress: Loose jeans with a t-shirt tucked absently into the waistband, a tie haphazardly wrapped around his neck and a pair of glasses hanging from his jean's pocket.
Common Accessories: A pair of glasses hanging from his jean's pocket, at least one pencil in hand (or tucked someplace in his pockets).
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Always ready with a smile and a kind word, before he figures a way to take you down to advance himself more, Beryllium is known for sewing misinformation around as readily as someone else might tell the truth. Conflicting reports of when he joined the Dark Kingdom exist, all of them authored by the Commander himself, and he refuses to clear any of the air and set the records straight.

It does seem that Beryllium was initially a ground-pounder or grunt soldier, thought to not possess any great skills with magic. From a report from his superior at the time, it became apparent that his place was not with the regular soldiers after one particular argument, where he killed the soldier causing him trouble by wind-blasting the flesh from his bones. His strength in magic was subjected to a new test shortly after this incident, the superior told to keep the event under his hat if he wished to remain in his current position.

Working earnestly once he was placed among the Second Division, the home where the Black Ranks are derived from, Beryllium began to gain a measure of control over his magic. Once taken under wing by Pyrite for a short spell, the two found they positively detested each other's presence - a fact which argued against the ease with which their magic worked together. Against her personal interests, Pyrite recommended Beryllium for promotion to the Black Ranks shortly before their movements against the Kingdom of Earth.

Although Pyrite and Beryllium are still frequently paired together for missions, due to the odd ability Pyrite has of balancing his magic into a more stable form, they have never been able to get along for anything longer than the duration of the missions, and sometimes not even that. Beryllium himself prefers the company of Garnet and Topaz, the three of them coming up with wicked and devious ways to combine their magics.
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