-=Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart=-

Galaxia's defeat cost the Sailor Senshi more than they ever thought they'd have to pay but now, a year after the entire saga of Galaxia and the Anima-mates began, there is lasting peace. Or...is there?

A mysterious new foe begins to slowly attack Tokyo with reports trickling in on the news programs that these attacks aren't an isolated incident. When the senshi arrive to deal with the problem and find themselves up against a powerful new enemy a new senshi arrives, helping them out before giving them a single warning:

"The Dark Kingdom is returning."

Who is this new senshi? What is her connection with one of the Commanders of the Dark Kingdom? Who is the true foe commanding the new Army of the Dark Kingdom, and who is it that stands at the Queen's right hand? The Sailor Senshi must unravel the mystery of their allies and foes before they have a hope of defeating the rising darkness.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor SunHeart.

Prologue: Broken Peace
Chapter One: A New Evil? A Mysterious Senshi Appears!
Chapter Two: Pieces in Play ( *new* 12.13.2006)