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Name: Topaz
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Unknown
Rank: Commander, 3rd class
Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
Current Loyalties: Dark Kingdom, Oathbound to serve Queen Metallia above all else.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Vibrant medium-dark blue.
Hair: Crimson with the shadows in her hair a dark blood red. Her bangs are long, swept off of her face, the remainder of her hair allowed to fall freely down her back, the longest tips hitting the backs of her knees.
Build: Built like a fighter, she appears to posses the ability to be graceful if she chose. Favoring clean and efficient motions, every step and flick of her fingers seems to be a careful choice acted out, leaving nothing to chance or waste.
Magic Type: The manipulation of earth - stones and rocks in particular. She can freely form them into weapons and fly them through the air, favoring using the earth as her troops instead of youma.
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Name: Tora Kyuusetsu (surname 'Kyuusetsu')
Occupation: Part-time floor sales person at Juuban BookStop, working between classes she takes over at Azabu Tech; she tells her managers that she's working towards her bachelor's in technical management.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Rich brown, though hidden behind a pair of thin, oval glasses.
Hair: Falling down to the middle of her back and tied in a rough braid, her red hair manages to remain neat no matter what she does.
Build: Completely normal in her build she's neither lanky nor chubby, overly slim nor muscular. She looks as unremarkable as possible, nothing physically outstanding in her build to make her memorable.
Typical Dress: When at work, Tora wears the bookstore 'uniform' of black trousers, a cream-colored Oxford shirt, and a rich brown apron. When she's not at work, Tora is often found in black trousers and whatever trainers (sneakers) she has ready at her flat, as well as a tank-top undershirt (the colors vary) with a cream Oxford (unbuttoned) worn over it like a jacket.
Common Accessories: Black-rimmed oval glasses, a handkerchief tucked into the back pocket of her trousers, and her apron stashed in her schoolbag.
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The exact Kingdom Topaz hails from is a secret she has shared with no one, just as each and every Black Rank has decided to do. Appearing in the armies of the Dark Kingdom shortly after the fall of the Sun Kingdom, it is rumored that Topaz turned traitor on the Kingdom and helped the Dark Kingdom when they attacked. Youma, before Queen Tanzanite wiped out the ranks of youma remaining from Queen Beryl's failed reign, were reported to have said that they would swear they had fought against Topaz during the Dark Kingdom's invasion of the Sun.

Quickly finding her talent with stones and rocks, Topaz initially worked as a builder in the Dark Kingdom, creating some of the General's palaces and domains when the Dark Kingdom first began establishing itself. Her position as a builder ended quickly as her temper surfaced, the woman getting into an argument with Jedite while she attempted to work on his "impossible" home. When she was able to attack the General successfully, Jedite was forced to reluctantly recommend her for military duty.

Word of her audacity spread quickly in the ranks, the woman finding herself assigned to the Second Division. Placed under the supervision of Garnet, they were originally paired as a possible deployment team due to the natures of their powers and they initial assumption that they would work well together. Unlike the better pairing of Beryllium and Pyrite, Garnet and Topaz were never able to work in unison or bolster each other's powers, and so they were split up again. Instead, the exercises served to strengthen Topaz's control over molding and shaping the materials she could attune to; because of her growing skills, and her devotion to the Dark Kingdom, she was given Black Rank before the attack on the Earth and Moon.
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