-=Queen Tanzanite=-

Name: Tanzanite
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Unknown
Rank: Queen of the Dark Kingdom
Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
Current Loyalties: To herself, as the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, and to Queen Metallia.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Sun gold, with flecks of silver around the edges.
Hair: An elaborate cascade of black hair, coiffed with gemstones and gold barrettes. Her hair, even with the elaborate decorations, falls to the floor now, regal in its framing of her face and body.
Build: Slender, Tanzanite fits with the general look of every Black Rank - hard edges hidden under the apparent softness of dress her rank requires. Her toned figure hints of the skills she possess with weapons and magic.
Magic Type: Manipulations of human emotions (granted to her by the Throne and Metallia) and weapons she can use in close combat or arm troops with formed of lightning magic.

History: All that is known about Tanzanite before her arrival and service in the Dark Kingdom is that she and Topaz had a previous connection. Enlisting in the Army of the Dark Kingdom after her own original kingdom had been destroyed (whether by Sailor Galaxia or the Dark Kingdom is unclear), Tanzanite was selected for special training and eventually came to don the uniform of the Black Ranks.

Being skilled in creating weapons from crackling, lightening-like magic, Tanzanite was easily one of the top Black Ranks, second in powers and authority only to Pyrite. When Queen Beryl began to test the limits of the seal against the Dark Kingdom Tanzanite had sought an audience with her majesty, asking that the Black Ranks be allowed to participate in the missions to earth.

Without a reason given, Queen Beryl forbade the Black Ranks from taking part in the missions to earth. In the past, during the attacks on the Earth and the Moon Kingdoms, the Black Ranks had operated as liaisons between the Generals and the Armies of the Dark Kingdom, creating the smaller plans that would win the large goals the Generals had declared. Between the top two Black Ranks, Tanzanite and Pyrite speculated that Queen Beryl feared their freedoms and had been unable to more thoroughly bind them through their Oaths; thus, they felt, she was unwilling to trust them.

When the Dark Kingdom collapsed, suffering the crippling defeat at the hands of an immature Sailor Moon, Tanzanite began to plan. Some of the Black Ranks found their new freedoms intoxicating, rejoicing in their ability to act however they wished, no longer bound by the sometimes stifling mandates of the Oath they had sworn to Metallia and their Queen.

Within a year, while the Sailor Senshi were battling the Dark Moon family from the future, Tanzanite grasped the Scepter and bent Metallia to her will. As a symbol of her authority, she transformed her clothing from the uniform of the Black Rank into proper garb fit for a Queen. Before Metallia could react, Tanzanite had harnessed her power, activating the Oaths of the Army once more. Recalled from wherever they had vacationed to, the entire mass of the Army swore, as a whole, a new Oath to their new Queen. And with their Binding, Tanzanite began her new Rule.

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