-=Sailor SunHeart=-
"Just as the sun sets, it also rises. I am Sailor SunHeart - the returning dawn."

Name: Sailor SunHeart
Civilian Name: Unknown
Princess Name: Unknown

-Civilian Form-
Unfortunately, we have no details or information on Sailor SunHeart's civilian form. If you have any observations or suspect someone you know might be Sailor SunHeart please contact either Lady Solar or a representative of the Moon's Sol Senshi, as they would like to find her.

-Princess Form-
Again, we have no information (at this time) related to Sailor SunHeart's 'princess' form, or whether she possesses one. Current conjecture is that she is a senshi of the Sun and the once-living Sun Kingdom, but we have no way, at this time, to confirm that belief.

-Senshi Form-
Name: Sailor SunHeart, answers to 'Sailor Sun' as well. She has instructed the senshi to call her 'SunHeart' or 'Sun' instead of trying to toss out the longer title, but flatly refuses to answer to 'Heart' for unknown reasons.
Form Rank: It appears that this is her final form, although it is hard to tell since her fuku doesn't fit with the same designs that the Sol System Moon senshi do.
Henshin Phrase: As no one knows her civilian form, it has been impossible to determine her henshin phrase or henshin item. At the soonest date, we will publish this information.
Henshin Item: Unknown.

Build: Built like a fighter, she possess the ability to be quite graceful. It has been observed that SunHeart will sidestep grace in favor of clean, efficient movements. Her figure appears to be toned, if offset by a rather mature bust.
Age: When asked Sailor SunHeart refuses to give any details so the best estimation of her age is between 25 and 30 standard years old.
Eye Color: Vibrant medium-dark blue.
Hair Color: Crimson with the shadows in her hair a dark blood red. Her hair is partially held off of her face by her headpiece, the rest allowed to freely hang down her back, unfettered, with the longest tips hitting the backs of her knees.

Senshi Colors: They appear to be gold, yellow, orange, red, and warm brown.
Senshi Symbol: It appears to be a sun-in-glory with a pink heart at the center, presumably where she has derived her senshi's name from.

Solar Whip [Not an attack, per say, but merely Sailor SunHeart's primary weapon, outside of her magic - her flaming whip. The whip is formed from the point on her headgear; when removed, she can ignite it into a whip.]
Vortex Ignition [ A low-powered, offensive attack. Depending on the strength of the youma and if the senshi have been fighting with it already, this attack might finish off an enemy.]
Astral Eclipse [ The attack temporarily blinds anyone who had been looking at Sailor SunHeart, much in the same way that you are not supposed to look at an eclipse due to the flaring around the edges of the sun. For those with spirit sense abilities, it 'blinds' them from detecting her for longer.]
Sunspire [ A combination attack used with her whip.]

Without a doubt, there is a connection between Sailor SunHeart and the new Dark Kingdom - but what is it?

As soon as we get more information on Sailor SunHeart, we will update her profile.
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