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Name: Pyrite
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Unknown
Rank: Commander, 1st class
Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
Current Loyalties: Dark Kingdom Oathbound to serve Queen Metallia above all else.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Blood red
Hair: Black, with blood-red highlights to match her eyes. Two long bangs hang in front of her face, the rest of her hair drawn up and back into a thick and high ponytail that falls to the backs of her knees. On the few times she has her hair down, it reaches nearly to the floor.
Build: Slight and lean, she is every inch the fighter and assassin. Whipcord thin, Pyrite possesses very few 'feminine' curves to soften her sharp features.
Magic Type: Pyrite specializes in fire magics, earning her the affectionate nickname of "Pyro" from her fellow Black Ranks. She is also a skilled swordswoman, preferring to form weapons out of flames when dealing with close combat.
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Name: Kyo Sana (surname 'Sana')
Occupation: Part-time assistant at Azabu Tech computer labs.

Sex: Female
Eyes: Rich red, though most often mistaken for a very reddish brown
Hair: Long milk-chocolate colored brown hair held in a loose braid down her back, bangs falling into her eyes and strands of hair falling out of the braid. Her braided hair comes to the very bottom of her buttocks.
Build: Rather short, standing at a mere 5' 4" tall, Kyo is rather feminine in her set of curves, a near complete opposite from Pyrite. Stocky arms and a fairly average sized torso, her only good part (in her mind) is her long legs.
Typical Dress: Dark blue jeans or black jeans (except when told to show up 'business posh' for the labs) with Mandarin collar or kimono-styled shirts.
Common Accessories: A side-hanging satchel stuffed with ragged notebooks, composition books, and foreign language texts. A pair of reading spectacles are also usually stored in the bag, in case she needs them.
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It is believed that Pyrite joined the Dark Kingdom well before the fall of the Sun Kingdom, although she refuses to confirm or deny that statement. Pyrite and Krisite formed a close friendship while working their way through the ranks of the Dark Kingdom's army, pairing together on raids and missions in order to exploit the opposite natures of their magics.

Pyrite had been formerly one of the closest advisors to the new Queen, Queen Tanzanite, but as Metallia appears to have infected the Queen's mind more and more, she has begun ignoring her former advisors, refusing to hear their counsel. Due to the rift between herself and Tanzanite, Pyrite had withdrawn from all but her closest of friends in the Dark Kingdom, furious over the way Metallia has taken over Tanzanite but, due to the Oath, unable to do anything about it.

When she is not on mission for her Queen, Pyrite is often found in her own portion of the Dark Kingdom, keeping company with either Krisite, Topaz, or Garnet.
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