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Name: Jedite
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Jedite
Rank: General
Kingdom of Origin: Earth
Current Loyalties: Dark Kingdom, Oathbound to serve Queen Metallia above all else.

Sex: Male
Eyes: Ice-blue
Hair: Silvery blond, short-cropped with bangs fringing his face.
Build: Muscular, Jedite retains much of his appearance when he served Prince Endymion on earth. Well kempt now, the haggard lines and loose muscles his apparent imprisonment in Eternal Sleep gave him have vanished, replaced by toned muscles.
Magic Type: The manipulations of dark energy, given to him by Metallia.
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Name: Jason Korbitz
Occupation: Wealthy transfer student at Azabu Tech. Although he doesn't work at the cafe, he often is seen sitting there for hours on end, talking with fellow students - although the group of people he deigns to talk to is a very small amount.

Sex: Male
Eyes: Cold ice-blue
Hair: Slightly-mussed golden blond, a mildly loser and longer cut than when he is in his "General" form. It hangs longer at the back of his head, trailing down his neck.
Build: Muscular, with an obvious presence of a swordsman about him. Long legs and a pleasantly well-developed body give him a deep appeal to the men and women he takes classes with.
Typical Dress: A black sports jacket (single breasted); pressed black slacks with a crease running down the front, formal 'pump' shoes, black satin spats over his shoes that he refuses to explain, and a light colored shirt under the jacket.
Common Accessories: Black sports jacket either on his person or slung over one shoulder, a black briefcase, and satin spats over his shoes and socks.
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Jedite had been a retainer of the Prince of Earth before his mind was poisoned by Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl. When he fought the Sailor Senshi, during the Dark Kingdom's first attack on earth, it was believed that he was killed.

His revival from "Eternal Sleep" by Queen Metallia is considered nothing short of a miracle, a sign of the Queen's growing power.

Sadly, for the Commanders who work with him, there is little of his original personality left, merely a searing devotion to the new Queen, Tanzanite, and Metallia.
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