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Name: Garnet
Name Before Entering the Dark Kingdom: Unknown
Rank: Commander, 4th class
Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
Current Loyalties: Dark Kingdom, Oathbound to serve Queen Metallia above all else.

Sex: Male
Eyes: Warm and rich brown
Hair: Long and straight dark blonde, pulled back from his face into a ponytail reaching the middle of his back.
Build: Muscular but nearly boyish in his slightly rounded facial features, Garnet seems to be contained energy combined with carefully harnessed power.
Magic Type: Specifically able to manipulate plants, he can corrupt the nature of any plant within a hundred-foot radius of his immediate vicinity, transforming it into any living trap that he desires. Although his 'range' is limited, his skills in applying his magics through teleportation allowed him to easily rise to the esteemed Black Ranks, especially when he is paired with Beryllium or Topaz to create combined attacks.
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Name: Koujou Tsuka (surname 'Tsuka'); he goes more often by 'Kou' and responds to 'Kou-chan' from his customers.
Occupation: Florist at 'Grand Designs: Heart' floral shop in the Juuban Shopping center. When not at the flower shop, he's taking classes part-time on management and botany.

Sex: Male
Eyes: Warm and rich brown
Hair: Dark brown with a light curl to it, his hair is always well-brushed, well-washed, well-kempt, and smelling faintly of sandalwood.
Build: Lightly muscled but with a honed sense that implies his ability to do anything he might ask of his body, Koujou typically can be defined as possessing a singularly sleek appearance.
Typical Dress: Well-pressed slacks and often a dark, jewel-toned shirt tucked into his trousers, a black (or other complimentarily colored vest) vest over the top of the shirt. Eschewing the apron he is supposed to wear when helping customers, Kou lets his shirt remain partially unbuttoned under the vest, topping it all off with a matching belt around his waist and flat-finished leather shoes.
Common Accessories: A jewel serving as his tie pin, a matching (to the trousers) jacket slung over his shoulder when walking, and a flower tucked into either a buttonhole on his vest or the pocket of his shirt.
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As with nearly every voluntary recruit to the Dark Kingdom, Garnet refuses to tell what Kingdom he left; he did join the Dark Kingdom long before the fall of any Kingdoms in the Sol System. He had been a frequent spy for the Dark Kingdom on the local Kingdoms (the Sun, Moon, and Earth Kingdoms) before changing to work actively for the military.

Once he changed to work directly in the military, Garnet began to develop his skills with plants, learning from the other army recruits how to use his skills to attack enemies. His limited radius of effect was seen originally as a hamper, but once he picked up the knack of teleporting, he found that once he corrupted a plant it remained that way, even if he left; in addition to this he learned that he had a limited ability to control his corrupted plants from a greater distance. Putting his skills to work, Garnet showed his worth time and time again in attacks, eventually finding himself rewarded with the coveted Black Rank uniform and the title of Commander, 4th class.

Initially Garnet had worked closely with Tanzanite, harboring a tendre for the now-Queen to this day. Although Tanzanite quickly surpassed him in power and rank, Garnet merely attempted to have himself reclassified in order to stay close to her. As Tanzanite drew further away, Garnet latched on to working with Beryllium and Topaz more often, forming a close friendship with the two Commanders far more readily than he did with the higher ranks such as Krisite or Pyrite.

Loyal to Queen Tanzanite through more than just his Oath to his Queen, he has become disturbed by the slow changes in Tananite's mentality over the years, joining Pyrite in low mumbles of discontent. In fact, it is his dislike of the change in Tanzanite that has allowed Garnet to find a connection with Pyrite, the two of them sometimes seen keeping company together, although both will break off their talks as soon as something even as low as a youma gets too close.
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