-=After Galaxia: The Sol Senshi=-

The Galaxy Cauldron and Cosmos' Star Seed melted into one, sending the Cauldron back to the path it had been created for - to be the birthplace and home of stars. Thanks to Eternal Sailor Moon's willing sacrifice of her life the Cauldron was able to restore itself, granting the senshi's wishes to be sent back to the pain, heartbreak, agony, joy, love, and happiness of everyday life on earth. They were told by Cosmos' Seed that evil - Chaos itself - could easily be reborn in the Cauldron and that the Stars which had gone after Sailor Moon's light in the past could come again.

But the senshi were peaceful, hopeful, and content to be back to their life of earth. The warning about the possible return of evil was forgotten with Mamoru's return to college studies in Japan, forsaking Harvard for the time being. The Sailor Senshi were able to fade into semi-retirement as peace fell upon the earth, a true, warm peace for the first time in more than five years. Occasionally the Sailor Senshi would resurface as violent crime griped the city they had chosen to call home, but for the most part it was peace.

The Outer Senshi remained on earth, Michiru and Haruka returning to their high school studies. Hotaru enrolled in Chibiusa's old elementary school, looked after at home by Michiru-mama, Setsuna-mama, and Haruka-papa Setsuna herself alternated between watching the Gate of Time and Space and living a quiet existence on earth, finding that she was more free to be away from her position with the rebirth of the Galaxy Cauldron.

Occasionally Rei felt a tremor in the Sacred Flame, and a shadow would sometimes flit across the surface of Michiru's mirror. But these were not often occurances, and easily forgotten in the tranquility which lay across the surface of the earth.

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